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For 35 years now I have been running (and playing) Cyberpunk with my friends. Most times it's the original R. Talsorian system, though sometimes it's Gurps. I've collected much lore and background and decided I ought to share it so others can get some use.

At the corner of 33rd and Oak street is a bar/nightclub called The Dirty tree

(This is the setting I'm currently running.)

Notable Non-Players:

Bianca Lockwood
Dr. Ed Zachary
Sakura Kenishi
Domingo Murphy
Tyler Murphy

A few Adventure Ideas

Local Boostergangs

Released in 1988, the first Cyberpunk game, Cyberpunk 2013 introduced players to the world of the dark future. Three supplementary books were released, fleshing out the world and character roles.

In 1990, a second edition was released, titled Cyberpunk 2020, the timeline was moved forward 7 years to the year 2020. As a result much of the information from 2013 was greatly expanded upon, the setting of Night City became real and many of the corporations were given full backstories.
-from the Cyberpunk Wiki-

Since my game is set in the ruleset of Cyberpunk 2020, the DataKrash never happened and neither did the Night City Holocaust, although the Fourth Corporate War did.

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